Our office prides itself on the outstanding staff we have assisting the doctors with patient care. Our staff works side-by-side with each physician to provide excellent dermatologic care in a warm, personalized setting that enhances the patient’s experience. Our assistants obtain initial information regarding a particular visit or problem, assist the doctor with procedures, review instructions and treatment plans with patients, and give written instruction sheets to reinforce what was discussed at the visit.

They handle any patient questions in person or by phone in consultation with the treating physician. They also phone in prescriptions and renewals to pharmacies, communicate lab results to patients, and assist with dressing changes, wound care, and suture removal after surgical procedures. Assistant staff may be available to take phone calls during office hours if they are not busy caring for patients at that time. More commonly, patients are encouraged to leave voice mail messages which are usually returned at the end of each office session or the following business day.