Friendly staff… And after dealing with a few derms that had no clue about my condition, Dr Treiber was a godsend!
Debra Jackson

Dr Eric S Treiber is a very good dermatologist. Diagnosed my melanoma and saved my life. He should be recommended for top dermatologist 2017.

My whole family has been under Dr.Treiber’s care for years.His diagnostic skills are excellent. He handles any problem immediately with great results.A friendly spotless environment.
Verified Patient

My appointment with Dr. Treiber went very well. She was polite and very knowledgeable, both myself and my son had appointments. She was amazing in dealing with his eczema and prescribed him something that finally made him stop scratching! Much appreciated!
Billy Wong Chin

Dr. Treiber runs a great practice! Her office was very clean and her staff was wonderfully organized. She treated my son for his eczema and after only a few weeks on treatment we’ve noticed an amazing improvement! DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!
Diana Monteverde

He puts your mind at rest within minutes of his walking into the exam room. He is reassuring and warm and very approachable. He does not make you feel uncomfortable or intimidated, like some doctors do. He is friendly and very professional and smart. He has taken excellent care of me and his…
Verified Patient

In my judgement he is a” first among equals”. He has guided me through numerous medical issues over 20 years with competence, compassion, and superior medical knowledge. I believe he is an exemplar of the very best in the medical profession.
Lee Katz

There isn’t enough I can say about Dr Ruth! She’s a wonderful doctor. I feel confident in her care and would recommend her to anyone! Whether your needs are cosmetic or dermatological she’s a perfect fit! She’s the best there is!
Jennifer Christian

What a wonderful doctor. I was referred to Dr. Treiber by a friend, and I’m so glad I found her. I had a whole body mole check and she was incredibly thorough, and explained everything she was doing along the way. I did end up having a mole removed and biopsied, one so small, I never would have found it. We discussed skin health overall, and I learned a lot about how to take better care of my skin. I highly recommend Dr. Treiber, and wish I had found her sooner.
Kate Murphy

Dr. Treiber (both Ruth and Eric) are the best in the business! I have been seeing them literally my whole life – I have tried others but not a single one comes close to how good Dr. Ruth Trieber is! Any issue you may be having, SHE WILL TAKE CARE OF IT! She, and the rest of her staff, treat you like family and will always fit you in to her busy schedule if you are having an emergency. I struggled with skin issues since I was a little kid, Dr. Ruth Treiber has made it possible for me to live without anxiety about my appearance and skin. She is the best there is! Highly recommend seeing either Dr. Ruth Treiber or Dr. Eric Treiber…there is no one better!
Jake Gordon

I have been seeing Dr Treiber for years. I have had several melanomas from those blistering sunburns I got as a child. Dr. Treiber was able to diagnose one and save my life by removing it with great margins. I am fine and healthy. I also used him to assess the first melanoma I had several years ago to ensure that it was handled properly, as I lived out of state. I see him every six months because of my history. He had me get pictures done of my body so that he could better see if any of the freckles or moles were changing. I take this picture book with me each time I visit so he can also check to ensure that there is nothing going on. Dr. Treiber is compassionate and upbeat, with a great manner and humor. He truly cares and is the very best at what he does. In my situation, I need the best, and I am comfortable knowing that he is watching my skin. Dr. Treiber explains everything in layman’s terms, so anyone can understand, and is reassuring and honest at the same time. I would never go anywhere else.
Verified Patient