The Hype Behind Dermaplaning

A favorite amongst celebrities and Hollywood skincare professionals, Dermaplaning is one of the most effective methods of skin exfoliation available today. Using a scalpel tool, we meticulously scrape off layers of old, dead skin cells – revealing your smooth, soft, bright, inner complexion. According to Dr. Eric Treiber of Treiber Dermatology, The dermaplaning procedure is performed using a medical scalpel. First, we cleanse the skin, removing the outer layer of oil, known as sebum, as well as any dirt or debris. Theextra sharp scalpel is then used to glide across the skin, removing more dirt, oil, and debris; we make sure to remove the entire outer layer of dead skin cells, providing maximum exfoliation. The process also removes any micro-fiber hairs or “peachfuzz” on the skin’s outer layer, allowing patients healthier, smooth, blemish-free skin.

At Treiber Dermatology, Once Dr. Eric Treiber MD exfoliates the skin’s outer layer, we apply a series of special topical creams or serums to help treat the sensitive inner layer of skin, that is now exposed to the air. Depending on your specific skincare needs, and your specific skin type, different serums and solutions may be applied. Dermaplaning is a very beneficial process to a patient’s skin. We are able to manually exfoliate the skin, without damaging any capillaries or creating any surface blemishes in the process. One of the most interesting aspects of dermaplaning is that it actually stimulates the production of new skin cells in the process. So not only do we remove the outer layer of dead skin, but we are able to restore it with fresh, new, healthier skin cells.

The reason why so many individuals and doctors alike are fans of dermaplaning is that it offers patients a simple, easy to perform method of manual exfoliation. Exfoliation is one of the most beneficial processes for our skin, as it not only can help us to remove the outer layer of dull, dead skin cells, but according to Dr. Eric Treiber and the team at Treiber Dermatology, dermaplaning also allows us to stimulate the production of fresh, new, youthful skin cells to take their place. This will help patients to remove and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, scarring and much more. Some of the other main benefits of dermaplaning include:

· Removal of dirt, debris, and dead skin cells.
· Empties the pores of dirt, debris, and oils which cause acne.
· Shrinks the pores, preventing future dirt from clogging them.
· Improves the skin’s tone and texture; leaving skin smooth and supple.
· Removes blackheads & whiteheads.
· Promotes the production of new, healthier skin cells.
· Smooths away the presence of acne and acne scarring.
· Removes unwanted facial hair, preventing it from growing back thick and unmanageable.
· Removes dark spots and hyperpigmentation across the skin’s surface.

Try dermaplaning today, to improve the tone and texture of your skin. For more information or to schedule your dermaplaning appointment today, contact Dr. Eric Treiber MD and the team at Treiber Dermatology today.