3 Important Ways to Prepare Your Skin for the Fall

With fall finally upon us the opinions around New York State are split pretty much right down the middle. While many of us are going to miss the board shorts, bathing suits, beach days, and summer sun, the rest are exciting to break out their fall layers, flannel shirts, and curl up next to someone with a nice book, watching the leaves change color. According to Dr. Ruth Treiber, of Treiber Dermatology, the wardrobe and the weather isn’t all that needs to change, in fact the most vital thing patients need to consider about the fall, is what exactly they will do to change their skincare regimen.

An important thing to understand about your skincare regimen, especially in a season like the Fall is that you aren’t simply preparing for cooler, less humid weather, and planning to handle what’s to come – but you are in fact still trying to fight against the affects of what has taken place with your skin during the harsh summer months. In New York state, and similar areas of the Northeast, individuals are used to having extremely warm, highly humid summers, and extremely frigid, windy, almost unbearably cold winters. And the Fall and Spring is always a welcome reprieve from the extremes. According to Dr. Ruth Treiber MD, and the team at Treiber Dermatology, such humidity issues during the summer months lead to a number of skin issues for patients in the fall, and its important that they take the necessary steps to heal their skin and fight against these unwanted issues. Here are some important steps to take in order to treat your skin during the fall months.

· Increase Antioxidant Levels

One of the biggest issues during the summer is the fact that the heat and humidity causes us to sweat and create more oils on the skin’s surface, this extra oil will cause the pores to become clogged and therefore lead to unwanted acne and cystic breakouts. Repairing the ailments from summer will help prevent breakouts and dry skin spells as the weather gets cooler. Dr. Ruth Treiber MD suggests starting with adding an antioxidant to your skin care regimen that will help to neutralize the sun exposure you dealt with during the summer months.

· Try Chemical Peels & Facials

Dr. Ruth Treiber MD and her team at Treiber Dermatology are often warning patients of the overuse of certain treatments and products during the summer month, as they will lead to more issues. however, in the fall it is vital that you exfoliate and rid yourself of the ill affects of the sun. Chemical peels help exfoliate the dry, dull outer layer of skin and decrease some of the discoloration that has been accumulated over the summer.

· Added Moisture & Hydration

The summer months are known to remove hydration from the skin and this can get much worse as the seasons are changing. It is vital to moisturize your skin as the seasons change since it will not only look and feel better, but it will function better as a barrier against infection. “Increasing the hydration of the skin for colder months makes it less likely to itch, look blotchy or red or develop rashes, as per Dr. Ruth Treiber MD. Using more gentle products that don’t strip the skin during colder months also decreases the risk of cracks or tears that can serve as doorways for bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

For more information on skincare, and fighting off sun damage and other issues, be sure to contact Ruth Treiber MD today.