3 Products to Add to Your Hair Care Regimen

With the summer months coming to a close, all across the state of New York, men and women are bracing themselves for a lovely fall, and icy chill of winter that follows. And with the change of seasons comes a new set of skin and haircare issues that we all must now deal with. Considering the summer in the state of New York is marked by increased humidity and overall moisture in the air, our hair is able to maintain its natural shine, strength and overall vibrance – making it not only look and feel better, but allowing it to be resistant to breakage and those awful split ends. According to Dr. Eric Treiber and his team at Treiber Dermatology, when the fall and winter comes, our hair requires a completely new method of care, which includes a whole different haircare regimen and the inclusion of a variety of different procedures and treatments. During the winter, at Treiber DermatologyDr. Eric Treiber and his team will often see patients complaining about their constant breakage and even the thinning of hair. as this occurs, the hair will grow damaged and cause our scalp to lose much needed nutrients, not only causing breakage from the middle point of the hair but dry skin issues which affect the hair follicle at its root.

Considering that the cold temperatures and other environmental factors like wind, rain, and the overall lack of humidity cause our hair to lose its much-needed moisture, hydrating our hair in some way is vital. In addition to certain treatments which are designed to increase the moisture levels within our hair, there are a number of important products that you may want to add to your hair care regimen as the temperature drops.

· Protective Heat Sprays

One of the most common habits, especially when the weather gets colder is the over-drying or blow drying of our hair. While the warmth of summer means we don’t have to dry our hair as much, not doing so in the fall or winter can get you sick very easily. When we dry our hair often it can lead to added breakage and overall damage to each and every hair follicle. In such a case, it is vital that we use a protective spray that will coat our hair and prevent it from getting damaged or “burned” by our hair dryer – while still allowing it to be dry and prevent us from catching a cold.

· Conditioning Masks

You generally think of masks for the skin, however, there are a number of great masks that help restore hydration back to our dried out hair follicles. Some of the best masks also contain a series of compound which can help provide added nutrients to our hair as well, including a blend of ingredients including essential B vitamins that strengthen hair from the inside out, rosehip and argan oils which soften hair and add more shine, along with algae which helps fight hair loss and reduces scalp inflammation.

· An Elasticizer

One of the issues with aging is that our hair and skin loses vital proteins like collagen and elastin. According to Dr. Eric Treiber, an elasticizer helps to restore hydrolyzed elastin, a humectant that boosts hair’s strength and its smooth, soft texture. These products will also often contain a number ofessential fatty acids, which add both moisture and shine; and glycerin, which helps hair retain moisture.

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