Everything You Need to Know About Shrinking Your Pores

In the world of skincare, there are countless elements and environmental factors that going into skin damage. While nearly everything can damage your skin in some form or fashion, nothing holds a candle to aging. And age does it in many different ways, from wrinkles and fine lines, to age spots and stretch marks. According to Dr. Eric Treiber MD, one of the worst issues that occurs with age, is the widening and expanding of our facial pores. At Treiber Dermatology the majority of cosmetic patients have presented with large pores, no matter what their main issue might be. The expansion of pores can often become a root issue that progressively worsens into other conditions over time – things like acne, general infections and much more can occur as a result.

Often, pore treatment requires a combination of different methods – patients must be diligent, in cleaning, washing and exfoliation the pores. Before we further explore this idea, we must delve into the pores more and find out why they are so important.The word “pore” literally means an opening in a surface where microscopic particles can pass. More specific to our bodies, pores are also the opening at the top of our hair follicles. It is also where the sebum (our body’s natural oils) is released to the surface to help our skin be naturally moisturized. And the pores are created perfectly to perform their job. Here are four vital things to know about pores and how they function.

·  They are essentially the opening of our hair follicles.

·  Their size is genetically determined. Other factors include aging, environment, dry skin, oil production, and acne issues.

·  Over-cleansing of the pores can lead to excess facial oil production, causing them to clog and acne to develop.

·  Regular cleansing and exfoliation however can help minimize their appearance and prevent them from getting clogged and creating infections.

We must think of our pores as the means by which our skin can “breath”. When our pores become clogged with excess oil, dirt, debris, dead skin cells, and bacteria – the skin can no longer breath and this area will become infected – leading to acne, infections, inflammation and more.

As the pores grow larger, and open up farther, more debris can enter, causing them to clog – when they are smaller, less things can fit in, therefore many patients want to shrink their pores. However, according to Dr. Eric Treiber MD, pores cannot be shrunk forever, as they are a genetic issue – but they can be returned to their normal size, before inflammation took hold. The best thing we can do is to keep them clean and perform regular exfoliation measures on your skin. According to Dr. Eric Treiber MD, patients should not only clean and exfoliate but add a number of different ingredients to their daily skincare routine. Here are some helpful for treating your pores.

·  Clean the skin 1 to 2 times a day to remove any excess dirt, debris, oils, and makeup before bed.

·  Sun damage stunts collagen production, which is vital to the tightness of pores structure. Make sure to apply sunscreen daily and avoid getting sun damage.

·  Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. Be gentle and don’t overdo it. At Treiber Dermatology they recommend patients exfoliate 1–3 times max per week.

·  Use a combination of different natural products that won’t irritate the skin, especially for your skin type! Non-comedogenic products that won’t clog pores are best.

Its important to be knowledgeable about the health of your skin and know what your applying to it – not every product is meant for everybody! For more information on skincare products and treatments, be sure to contact Treiber Dermatology today.