4 Common Questions About Lip Rejuvenation

In the world of aesthetic dermatology, while the skin is very important, the lips have become one of the most common areas for enhancement or rejuvenation treatments and procedures. In recent years, more and more individuals are choosing to undergo a variety of different, non-surgical lip enhancement treatments than ever before. According to Dr. Eric Treiber, of Treiber Dermatology, considered the best dermatologist Rye has to offer, the lips because of their sensitivity and delicate nature, suffer some of the worst affects of aging amongst all our facial features. From lost volume, poor contours, and the addition of wrinkles and folds – the lips can drastically change within only a few years of aging. However, luckily for men and women around the country, lip rejuvenation has reached one of the highest heights of any anti-aging procedures known to the industry. Despite the popularity however, many older patients are still relatively misinformed about these procedures – to better educate you on all there is to know about non-surgical lip rejuvenation, here are four of the most common questions and answers regarding lip rejuvenation.

According to Dr. Eric Treiber, widely considered the best dermatologist Rye has in practice, lip enhancement tackles a few specific symptoms, that are most common amongst patients. These symptoms include:

· Loss of Volume and “Plumpness”
· Loss of Definite Outlines and Contours
· The Presence of Wrinkles
· Dry, Cracking, Sun-Damaged Skin

And unlike treating these common issues for the skin, when treating the lips the team at TREIBER DERMATOLOGY must be far more delicate, as the lips are, themselves much more delicate. Here are four of the most common questions about lip enhancement.

· How Can You Improve the Volume and “Plumpness” of the Lips?

The important thing to understand, according to DR. ERIC TREIBER, is that the lips are delicate and must be treated slowly and patiently. When adding volume, many patients prefer the use of Hyaluronic Acid based dermal fillers, or lip injections like Juvéderm or Restylane. These fillers help to add lost volume to the lips and do so incrementally, based on your specific desired correction. With each treatment, patients can expect results to last about 8-12 months, until they need to have it redone. The best part is that they add volume that looks natural and not overly done like some surgical procedures.

· How Can You Improve the Shape and Contours of the Lips?

Again, using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can also help you to add shape and definite contours to your lips. However, certain fillers like Restylane Silk, and Belotero work best for this issue. According to the best dermatologist Rye has practicing, DR. ERIC TREIBER, these work best because they work slower and are more controlled. While they add volume as well, their main function is to provide natural contours and create an aesthetically-pleasing shape.

· How Can You Deal with Dry, Sun-Damaged Lips?

Generally, when treating sun-damaged lips the team at Treiber Dermatology will recommend using topical creams containing hyaluronic acid as it helps to pull in moisture from surrounding areas. In addition, it is always important to apply sunscreen to your lips, often with a lip balm that has SPF in it.

· How Can We Deal with Lip Wrinkles?

Again, dermal fillers can definitely help here as well. However, we also recommend the use of a low-intensity radio frequency laser treatment, as this will help resurface the lips and stimulate fresh collagen growth for smoother, more supple lips in the long run.

For more information regarding lip enhancement be sure to contact TREIBER DERMATOLOGY today.