The Amazing Skincare Benefits of Mangosteen

One of the best things an individual can do for their overall health and wellness, is to eat a cleaner, more nutrient dense, healthy diet – one that is particularly rich in colorful fruits and vegetables. While this certainly isn’t news to anyone who has been yelled at to eat their broccoli by their mother during their early years, many of us, even in our adult years do not follow such rules. According to Dr. Ruth Treiber MD, considered to be the top dermatologist Rye has to offer, while there is a constant debate about how exactly the diet effects our skin, with experts falling on either side of the coin – there is one thing that no healthcare expert would ever deny, that eating a healthy diet makes you more healthy overall. And, in turn, the healthier you are overall, often will equate to the overall health and wellness of your hair, nails and most importantly, the skin! Therefore, even while ignoring any direct correlation, we can find that eating a well-balanced diet of fruits and vegetables can easily help benefit your overall health and wellness. And in recent months, skincare experts at Treiber Dermatology have been going crazy over one fruit in particular – the mangosteen.

Despite sounding quite similar, the mangosteen isn’t a type of mango, and the two fruits look nothing alike. Mangosteen is dark purple in color and roughly the size of a small apple. Its skin has a leathery texture, while the fruit inside resembles a head of garlic and tastes like a deliciously perfect combo of lychee, peach, strawberry and pineapple. A tropical fruit that grows in the hot, humid climates of countries like Thailand and Vietnam, mangosteen has been beloved throughout history for its use in traditional medicine, said to treat everything from skin infections to diarrhea.

One of the major aspects of the mangosteen and how it can improve your health and wellness overall is the fact that it is made of many polyphenols (or phytochemicals) known as xanthones, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which give them the ability to help your body fight illness. According to Dr. Ruth Treiber, the top dermatologist Rye has in practice, a recent study in the Journal of Food Science and Technology showed that themangosteen peel has higher levels of antioxidants than pretty much any other fruit peel around. In fact, a recent study found that overweight and obese participants who drank mangosteen juice for two weeks had lower levels of inflammation in their bodies at the end of the trial. The researchers explained that increased inflammation can up your risk of diabetes and heart disease, so by lowering that, you could potentially help protect against those conditions.

And when it comes to the skin, anti-inflammatory compounds make a world of difference. As the top dermatologist Rye has practicing, Dr. Ruth Treiber MD and the team at Treiber Dermatology believe the anti-inflammatory benefits of the mangosteen can curb a number of common skin infections and other issues. In fact, according to recent studies the extract of mangosteen’s fruit rind was successful at curbing the production of acne-causing inflammation, meaning it might be useful in treating and preventing breakouts. The same study also saw that thanks to its high levels of antioxidants, mangosteen extract was able to reduce the presence of free radicals on the skin. These free radicals are a major culprit when it comes to premature aging, and the presence of unwanted wrinkles, fine lines and even premature facial volume loss. And in addition to defending the skin and preventing environmental damage, the fruit also promotes microcirculation, which improves the overall appearance of skin, as well as its overall vitality, vibrance and radiance – making sure it is not only properly hydrated, but has a bright, brilliant glow as well. To learn more about the benefits of mangosteen and fruits in general, be sure to contact Treiber Dermatology today.