The Skincare Effects of Summer

The summer is over, and while many of us will most certainly miss the fun in the sun, the barbeques, glorious beach days, and the teeny tiny summer wardrobe – a lot of us who might be dealing with skincare issues are ecstatic that its finally come to a close! According to Dr. Ruth Treiber MD of Treiber Dermatology, while many patients are in love with their summer tan, and the sub-kissed look as they waltz into the fall, there are certainly a number of common downsides that must be addressed. The important thing that people must realize about the summer is that you absolutely must wear as much sunscreen as possible – while it is definitely something you should do year-round, it is doubly important in the sun-drenched days of the summer. Plus for women, those many days of applying SPF and the constant exfoliation from shaving your legs, or sandy beach days will have your skin carrying an unmatched glow into Thanksgiving. However, as the days wear on and blend into cooler and cooler nights, many women are noticing a number of devastating affects that are nearly impossible to hide from.

While the skin most certainly will look great for some, for others the summer sun and heat filled days just simply don’t work well for them. As an individual with naturally oily skin, the summer can spell disaster. In fact, according to Dr. Ruth Treiber MD, and her team at Treiber Dermatology, for many with oily skin the summer in New York is an almost constant break-out fest. The summers in New York are known for their high humidity levels and unbearable sweatiness. This drastically increased humidity will most certainly increase the skin’s moisture level which will then, in-turn lead patients toincreased oil and sweat. For such patients Dr. Ruth Treiber will almost always advise they take it easy on the skincare products and use the lightest formulations possible – as increased oil deposits will attract dirt and debris and even worse, harmful bacteria. And this then will create a surface that is sticky and increased the likelihood of dry skin flakes from clogging the skin’s pores and leading to increased breakouts. Dr. Ruth Treiber MD, will often recommend patients to use an almost daily exfoliation treatment such as a wash or scrub, as this will help to prevent clogged pores.

While clogged pores and increased oil production are most certainly the main cause of summer breakouts, another common concern amongst patients at Treiber Dermatology is the affects of the sun itself and how it may lead to hyperpigmentation issues and dark unwanted discolorations. This might seem obvious to some, but many patients still don’t listen to the advice of their dermatologist and don’t wear sunscreen – increased sun exposure and ultraviolet damage is a maincontributor to skin discoloration, wrinkle formation and ultimately skin cancer. SPF containing sunscreens can help block the harmful UVA rays from penetrating the skin’s surface and causing such issues. For those patients who might be suffering from unwanted discoloration and skin growths it is vital that they get a screening immediately.

While the two issues above are far more common, there is definitely a third common summer related skin issue that many people forget about all together – skin dehydration. One of our favorite summer past times is always spending time in swimming pools, and kicking back in the hot tub. The problem is that these pools contain chemicals to prevent bacteria, like chlorine. Swimming pools and hot tubs are actually known to dehydrate the skin, as immersion in chlorine and water for hours can break down the skin’s barrier. And at the same time, the summer’s heat and humidity are also very conducive to fungal and bacterial infections of the skin – without the skin’s barrier, the skin dries out, cracks, and pores are left open to infection. For more information on how to fight against the summer skin damage, be sure to contact Treiber Dermatology.