Vitamin C serums: Vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant, photoprotector, cofactor for collagen synthesis, it prevents oxidative damage to collagen and elastic tissue caused by free oxygen radicals, it may help to restore skin radiance, impart a more uniform skin tone, and improve skin laxity. We choose 2 enhanced serums from the SkinCeutical line of Vitamin C products because they contain the potent, stabilized form of L-ascorbic acid, the form of Vitamin C the body utilizes to neutralize damaging free radicals. They also contain additional anti-oxidant ingredients to enhance the protective and reparative effects of the vitamin C.

Phloretin CF is optimal for decreasing age spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation, accelerating cell renewal, retexturizing skin, and improving skin laxity. It can be used for oily, problematic, or normal skin.

CE Ferulic is optimal for replenishing lipids, stimulating collagen synthesis, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It is best used on dry, combination, or normal skin.