4 More Natural Skin Brightening Products You’ve Never Heard Of!

With one of the hottest summers in recent years upon us, patients at Treiber Dermatology are suffering from more sun-damage than ever before. From general sunburns to more severe melasma, sun spots and other hyperpigmentation issues Dr. Eric Treiber MD and his team have helped patients to treat a variety of different discoloration issues. And while procedures and treatments can surely help, patients are often advised to add a number of different skincare products and certain topicals to their skincare routine in order to both treat and prevent future skin discoloration issues. According to Dr. Eric Treiber MD, these discoloration issues are highly progressive and will often worsen without a comprehensive and highly involved skincare regimen. However, with so many products out there on the market, and everybody offering their expertise, it can be difficult to sift through the madness and to find out what works best for whom. Many of the best products and ingredients are things many have never even heard of! To help you better understand the role of some of the best skin lightening creams to help combat your complexion issues Treiber Dermatology will often begin treatment with a skincare examination to better identify specific issues in order to create a customized treatment protocol for each and every patient. This is vital, as using too many of these products can cause you to suffer from irritations and other skin issues – its better to find out what specific products are right for you, and to switch to more natural remedies. Here are some of the best all-natural ingredients to look for this summer.

· Arbutin

A relatively unknown product, Arbutin is a natural form of hydroquinone derived from the bearberry plant. It is a safer and effective alternative to hydroquinone and is less cytotoxic to the melanocytes. This product is found in many face lightening creams and lotions. And can provide amazing spot correction for dark spots. Patients are reminded to apply sunscreen over this product when leaving the house, and it is important for women who are pregnant or nursing to avoid this product entirely!

·  Mulberry Extract

One of the most powerful natural brightening agents around, mulberry extract is of course taken from the mulberry plant. Mulberry plants have quite a few compounds that have been extracted from both roots and stems, with known ability to block tyrosinase, the enzyme involved in the production of a skin pigments or melanin. Some might be allergic, so its best to try it out in small doses to begin.

·  Willow Bark Extract

According to Dr. Eric Treiber MD, Willow bark extract is a beta hydroxy acid that helps to exfoliate the skin and encourage cell turnover – far more efficiently than most other chemical peels and similar method. Composed of salicin, willow bark is closely related to salicylic acid making it highly effevtive in treating skin discolorations, acne issues and acne scars. Unlike peels, this can be used daily, as it is a lot more sensitive.

· Lactic Acid

Lactic acid products are highly effective for those patients with sensitive skin as it is known as a mild acid – that penetrates only slightly beneath the skin’s surface. Lactic acid is derived from sour milk and is an alpha hydroxy acid, so it is one of the mildest ingredients you can use for skin lightening. It works by suppressing melanin production as well as providing some mild skin exfoliation.

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