3 Skincare Products to Add to Your Routine Today

When it comes to the health and wellness of the skin, Dr. Eric Treiber MD and his team at Treiber Dermatology have helped countless patients to create a smart, well-balanced skincare routine customized specifically to meet their specific needs. The most important thing to understand about our skin is that it is a reflection of our overall health – and if we aren’t healthy on the inside, then our skin will not look healthy on the outside! In the pursuit of clean, clear, healthy, youthful skin, patients are often confronted by various skincare products – each with their own set of claims, many that are simply too good to be true. And with so many products on the market, it can be quite difficult to sort through the chaos and find out what is really right for you. Dr. Eric Treiber MD warns patients that more isn’t always better, and stacking products on top of one another can actually harm the skin more than it will actually be able to help it. At Treiber Dermatology, they will often begin with a careful and comprehensive skincare examination in order to determine what exactly your skincare issues are and to what extent they are affecting your skin’s health. Once they are able to identify exactly what is hampering your skin, Dr. Eric Treiber MD can then determine which products are right for you in addition to providing treatment for certain individuals with more severe issues. according to Dr. Eric Treiber MD, patients should be most focused on the actualingredients within each product, and not actually the products themselves. Certain ingredients can make or break the effectiveness of a skincare product and your routine overall – it is important to make sure your skincare routine includes these products and that you find the safest and most effective means of adding these products to your skincare routine. Here are three of the most effective products that any good skincare routine should include.

·  Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s)

Alpha hydroxy acids are quite common in the world of dermatology, and skincare. Most often used in the most effective of chemical peels, AHA’s are able help patients to treat everything from wrinkles, and fine lines to discoloration and even superficial facial scars. This is because they are naturally occuring exfoliants that help to resurface the outer layers of dead skin cells, and stimulate the production of new skin cells, and tissue regeneration overall. They can provide patients with a brighter, firmer complexion with reduced appearance of scars, discolorations, and a smoother more youthful, healthy appearance.

·  Vitamin C

More so thought of as a immune system booster, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help remove harmful toxins and free radicals from within the skin. It has been shown to protect skin cells as well as the skin’s support structures from UV-related damage, which leads to collagen production and the improvement in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. adding vitamin c to your routine can accelerate your skin’s natural repair systems and boosts overall production of new fresh skin cells.

·  Peptides

Peptides are regularly used in anti-aging products for their ability to stimulate the production of new collagen. This process is critical because as we age, collagen production drops sharply. Collagen is a vital skincare protein that makes up the majorityof our inner connective tissue and skin tissue. Collagen also helps the skin maintain its youthfulness and ensures that it will appear firmer, taut and smooth.

For more information on improving your skincare routine, contact Dr. Eric Treiber MD and the team at Treiber Dermatology today.