Drs. Eric Treiber and Danielle Engler participate in many insurance plans. “Participation” means that our office submits claims for each visit electronically, and payment is sent directly to our office from the insurance company. Patients are responsible for providing accurate insurance information via a current insurance card, all necessary referrals or paperwork from their referring physician and any co-payment, co-insurance or deductible at the time of each service.

Drs. E. Treiber and Engler participate in some of the plans offered by the following insurance companies. (PLEASE NOTE: Exclusions may apply.)

  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield (NY), no exchange plans
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield (out of NY State): PPO plans only, no exchange plans
    ***Excluding BC/BS Traditional/Indemnity, Pathway/Pathway Enhanced Networks***
  • Cigna (HMO and PPO)
  • Medicare (no HMO or restricted Medicare plans)
  • Oxford
  • Pomco
  • United Health Care
  • Aetna

As of 2014, we do not participate in any of the Exchanges or plans offered by The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). We advise patients to verify coverage with our office and their insurance carrier prior to all visits.

Dr. Ruth Treiber does not participate in any commercial insurance plans or in Medicare. All of her patients are expected to pay for services at the time they are rendered. In January 2007 she “opted out” of the Medicare system and is no longer an enrolled Medicare provider. She continues to see new and established Medicare patients under private contract agreements as required by Medicare. This “contract”, downloaded from the Medicare website, outlines the patient’s direct financial responsibility for all dermatologic services and prohibits submission to Medicare for any reimbursement. Secondary insurances likewise do not usually reimburse patients for these medical services. Medicare-eligible patients can see Dr. Ruth Treiber out of plan for all or part of their care. Alternatively, they can choose on a visit-by-visit basis to see her colleagues, Dr. Eric Treiber or Dr. Danielle Engler, who both actively participate in Medicare and accept assignment on all patients. Claims to commercial insurance plans can be submitted electronically by our office on the patient’s behalf. Other patients are provided with a completed insurance claim form to submit to the insurance carrier to obtain their direct reimbursement. Patients may receive some reimbursement for services provided by Dr. Ruth Treiber, depending on the terms of their individual plan.

Our office deals very efficiently with all insurance plans via a sophisticated, state-of-the-art computer system, electronic transmission of accurately coded services and diagnoses, and immediate availability of computer-generated insurance forms for patient use. We welcome all patients regardless of their insurance coverage to see our doctors on a fee-for-service basis, some patients (except in limited HMO plans) have out-of-plan options and can obtain partial reimbursement for medical or surgical visits. Patients are given a completed insurance form to submit to their carrier to obtain their own reimbursement directly. As a courtesy, our office can submit patient claims electronically on their behalf, with insurance payments going directly to the patient. Cosmetic procedures are not reimbursed by insurance.

For our patients’ convenience, we provide the following forms that can be downloaded and completed in advance of a scheduled office visit. This will make registration for your first visit much more efficient.

New Patient Registration Information Form

Current Medical Information Form (for new or return patients)

HIPAA – Compliant Notice of Privacy Practices

We hope this information clarifies our office policies and procedures. We are always eager to discuss any issues that may arise in the course of our patients’ care. Our goal is to provide personalized, top-notch dermatologic care, further the important doctor-patient relationship, and enhance each patient’s experience in our office.